• Email, SMS, and Push Campaigns
  • Up-selling & Cross-selling Promotion Engine
  • Discount Coupons
  • Customer Insights
  • Loyalty Program
Transform Your Restaurant's Communication with Cutting-Edge Email, SMS, and Push Campaigns Features!
Stay Top-of-Mind: With our Email feature, you can send eye-catching newsletters, updates, and exclusive offers directly to your customers' inboxes.
Instant, Direct Engagement: SMS notifications provide a direct line of communication to your customers' mobile phones, instantly grabbing their attention. Send order confirmations, delivery updates, or even personalized discounts,
Targeted Campaigns: Our Campaign Notification feature allows you to segment your customer base and tailor messages specifically to their preferences.
With just a few taps, you can easily set up up-sells and cross-sells for dishes.
Relevant up-sells can be made to drive up appetizer, beverage, and dessert sales. Sell more high-margin and low-cost food products to boost profits.
By highlighting complementary items or add-ones on the customer ordering interface, you can increase order size while providing customers with a better overall experience.
All online orders will be consolidated automatically into your POS, saving time by reducing manual errors and sending orders straight to your kitchen.
Create and send coupons to your customers to encourage them to place orders.
You can offer discounts based on specific items, the order total, or for a limited time.
Boost sales in just a short time, encourage repeat businesses, and foster customer loyalty.
Track the effectiveness of coupons and adjust promotions accordingly to achieve optimal results.
With AIYAOrder's online ordering system, you can easily collect customer feedback and respond to their opinions.
As many as 90% of customers check reviews before visiting a restaurant, and AIYAOrder helps you capture those reviews.
Encourage happy customers to leave positive feedback, while keeping negative comments private to protect your reputation. With AIYAOrder, you can manage your online presence and maintain customer satisfaction.
Reward your customers and keep your customers coming back.
Customers earn loyalty points with each order, which incentivizes them to order directly from your restaurant instead of using third-party apps.
Customers are more likely to order from a restaurant if they can participate in a loyalty program.
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Email, SMS, and Push Campaigns
84% of restaurant owners use newsletters to inform customers about new offers and events. AIYAOrder in-built tools allow you to easily create and send email, SMS, and push notifications to your customers via Merchant Dashboard.
  • Customer Database
    The customer database is one of the most valuable resources of a restaurant's marketing strategy. Build your newsletter database and easily increase sales for your restaurant.
  • Marketing Automation
    Automatic emails can be sent at the perfect time, such as to remind clients who haven't ordered in a while, new product launches, and more. Automated features like these are proven to turn new customers into regulars and keep them up to date.
Design Your Restaurant's Success with AIYA.
  • Gift Cards
    Boost customer engagement and increase revenue with gift cards, which customers can purchase for friends and family to use in your restaurant.
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  • Menu Design
    Choose the best design that showcases your amazing restaurant and dishes online. With AIYAOrder, you can easily update them at any time, for any occasion.
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  • Flyer & Poster Design
    Flyers and posters have the power to influence what decisions your customers make before they even consider looking at a menu.
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